Rig Mechanics - Bahrain

Rig Mechanics Salary : 350 - 450 BHD Rig Mechanic Job Description: o At least 8 years’ experience on land / offshore drilling Rigs. Of these years, minimum 5 years. o Holding a degree / diploma in Mechanical Engineering. o The individual has Safety, Communication & Supervisory skills. o Experienced in the strip down and overhaul of Rig mast. o Experienced in the strip down and overhaul of the following pumps: Single and multistage centrifugal, Diaphragm, piston, gear, screw and vane types, balanced/unbalanced type, cartridge type, back to back type and tandem type. Lapping of seal faces and Pressure testing of mechanical seals. o Read and understand handling with Rig operation equipment’s manuals o Fluent in English language. o Have knowledge of preventive, routine and non-routine maintenance, repair of internal combustion engines, pumps, compressors and drilling related equipment of the Rig o Maintain all nematic & hydraulic operated systems on Rig. o Knowledge of full Engine overhauling of Rigs. o Perform Technical investigation & Root Cause Analysis of Rig Equipment’s. o Monitors the reliability of spare parts utilized o Carry out his/her duties according to the Emergency Preparedness Action Plan when needed; o Ensure good housekeeping in his/her working areas. o Supervise the disassembly, loading, unloading and assembly of the power plant and drilling equipment during land rig transfer activities. o Carries out routine maintenance on rotating equipment, carries out visual checks of seals for leaks, disassembles equipment, replaces parts as directed, cleans equipment, replaces packing and gaskets, repairs as appropriate, checks bearings and reassembles. Ensures correct alignment and tolerances, using precision measurement instruments, such as laser alignment equipment, DTI clock gauges, micrometers, gauges and Vernier's